Clarkston Culture Fest

Clarkston, GA is a community that is extremely diverse, active in community engagement, and is a beacon for growth.  The Clarkston Culture Fest aims to highlight the best of what Clarkston has to offer, and to share it with others. The theme is: "Educate, Appreciate, Celebrate."  Join the fun as one gains education regarding the cultural diversity within Clarkston.  Gain appreciation of the various foods, music, languages, vendors and activities.  The day will be a grand Celebration of the unity within this small, impactful community! 

The Festival Committee has been hard at work since 2012, when the first thoughts of a festival came to existence. Since the first Clarkston community festival in 2014, it has been a labor of love, joining ideas, talents, and efforts to bring an engaging festival year after year. With a growing number of partnerships, collaborations, and supporters, the committee hopes for the festival to grow, adapt, and inspire for years to come.

Thank you for being a part of the Clarkston Culture Fest!